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About Oven Liner

An oven liner can be made of heat resistant plastic or fiberglass, and serves the sole purpose to protect the bottom of an oven from all of the undesirable messes than come from cooking. While some oven liners are designed to go specifically with certain oven brands, the plastic variety can be cut to fit a wide variety of ovens. This options helps bakers clean their oven less, and save electricity by using the self-cleaning option much less frequently.

Even individuals who are careful cannot hope to prevent every oven mess. At some point, foods will spill over, drip, or boil over and make a mess on the oven floor. Once this happens, these spills will eventually dry out and start to smoke when the oven is turned on. In rare instances, grease spills can even cause the bottom of the oven to catch on fire if they are not cleaned before cooking again. In order to prevent this, an oven liner can be used to ensure that the bottom of the oven is always clean and safe.

Trying to scrape or scrub spills out of the bottom of an oven can be quite a pain. It can also cause scratches and damage to the oven itself. By using a removable oven liner, all of this hassle can be avoided.

Oven liners sit on the floor of the oven, and can be removed once the oven has cooled. Once removed, they can be washed in the sink using warm water and a scrub brush. There are also dishwasher safe oven liners. Once clean, the liner should be completely dry before it is returned to the oven to be used again. Under normal circumstances, an oven liner should last a few years, possibly longer.

Both the plastic and fiberglass oven liners are non-stick. This makes them extremely easy to clean. There are several companies that make oven liners, and the sizes and prices vary. When shopping for one, make sure that it is built to hold up to high oven temperatures.

Those with a self-cleaning oven may feel that they have no use for such a product, as their oven is supposed to clean itself. However, the self-cleaning process is one of heating the oven to extreme temperatures for a period of time in order to scorch away any spills and drippings. This process is a huge power drain, and can be completed less frequently when an oven liner is used.

Those that wish to save time and energy should consider the trusty oven liner as their friend in the kitchen. It is simply the best way to keep an oven clean and safe to use.

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